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Elder law is a practice area defined by the age of the client served.  It is broader than traditional estate planning because the elder law attorney may not only assist you with your estate plan but also assist you with long-term care planning, disability and other life care issues.


Many people cannot afford to pay the high costs of long-term care in a nursing home.  Due to the high cost of nursing care, persons who need a way to pay for care may have to resort to Medicaid. 

In order to qualify for Medicaid, a person must be medically and financially needy.  A person must meet the income and resource limits.  Medicaid is a safety net for middle class families when there there is no alternative way to pay for care.  Medicaid is administered through a complicated set of state and federal laws.  Persons or couples who have assets or income should contact an elder law attorney get advice and assistance in preserving life savings to the furthest extent possible.

We help clients prepare Medicaid applications and represent them at hearings.  We offer Medicaid planning advising, hearing representation, trust and estate document preparation, and advise clients on alternatives for paying for long-term care. 


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