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Estate Planning

Lisa Ellis works closely with individuals and families in creating and implementing individualized estate planning solutions.  When crafting estate plans, we do more than just fill out forms.  We prepare estate plans to ensure that your assets and affairs are handled in the way that you want.

Estate planning services

No matter how large or modest, nearly every adult has an estate.  Estate planning is not only for the wealthy or just for seniors. Estate planning allows you to state your wishes and ensure that they are carried out.  Your estate plan should be prepared for your current needs and revisited as your needs change.  Many people put off this process.  But, planning ahead provides you with the most options to retain control.

Wills are powerful tools to define your wishes and state how you want your estate to be handled.  Trusts, when added to a will, can help protect assets. Wills with Testamentary Special Needs Trusts can provide extra protection for assets and allow people who receive government benefits to retain those benefits while still receiving an inheritance or settlement.

Durable Powers of Attorney are a very important part of an estate plan.  The Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and the Durable Power of Attorney for Finance allows you to appoint someone to act for you if you become incapacitated. We also prepare Advance Directives and Advance Directives for Mental Health for clients.

Lisa Ellis listens to your goals for your health care decisions, assets, and how you want your estate to be passed down.  We put you and your goals in the center of our representation, answer your questions, and help you decide on which solutions which are right for you.

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