Probate and Estate Administration

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Probate is the process for administering a person’s estate after death. The process involves appointing an administrator to gather the probate assets of the person who died, determining what taxes are owed, paying creditors and distributing whatever is left over to the beneficiaries. 

In Washington, most probates are handled without court intervention.  The executor is given broad responsibilities and trust which must be carried out specifically and normally without the court’s supervision.  The probate process takes at least four to six months to properly serve the creditors and wrap up the estate. 

However, a probate will most likely take longer to close if a federal tax return filing is required, a house needs to be sold, there are questions about who are the beneficiaries under the Will or if the estate has debts.  These are just a few examples of issues that may arise in a probate case.  Executors must perform their duties with appropriate knowledge of property, tax, and other laws and regulations. 

We strive to make the probate process a positive one for clients by educating them about their legal duties and guiding them through the process.  At Ellis Law, we have an exceptional team of experienced paralegal support and attorney representation ready to help clients with probate matters.  








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