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Probate is the process for administering a person’s estate after death when there is a will or a trust.  In Washington, an executor will be appointed to carry out probate or estate administration duties.  Washington courts do not normally supervise probate matters once the executor is appointed and executors are given broad fiduciary responsibilities. The probate process in Washington can be a relatively straightforward process, compared to other states, like California. 

If you are a newly appointed executor, it can be difficult understanding what you need to know when you are managing someone’s assets after their death. There can be challenges during the probate process and it can help to have an experienced attorney represent the estate to help avoid procedural errors and costly mistakes.

We handle estate administer taxable and non-taxable estates.  We understand the challenges that can be associated with probating an estate.  We give advice to executors about the assets in the estate and educate them about their responsibilities.  We also prepare all court filings and act as your advisor in navigating the probate process from start to finish.

Attorney Lisa Ellis is a member of the King County Bar Association Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section.





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