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Estate Planning client 5 star review on Avvo:  “We met with Lisa via video conference (we really appreciated she was willing to do this to accommodate our family needs in the middle of this pandemic) to go over our ideas for our will and estate planning.  With the info from the pre-filled questionnaire, Lisa was able to efficiently in great details the options that would make the most sense for our particular situation first, but she also covered some ‘available’ options that would either not make sense for us and/or are not really available.  I liked that she was honest and upfront.  She also explained with examples and even gave us some non-legal suggestions to increase our kids security in the case of tragedy.”  

5 star client review on Avvo: “We used the services of Lisa Ellis to secure work permits and residence permits for me and my family.  The process went very smoothly.  Ms. Ellis had clear instructions and complete information on all that we would need to complete in order to request the proper permits.  We followed Ms. Ellis’ instructions and the processing and approval of our permits went very quickly.  Whenever we had questions concerning our paperwork, our emails were returned quickly with clear and helpful answers.  We are extremely happy and satisfied with the services of Lisa Ellis.”  

Ellis Law client: “You have been a true treasure.  We could not have done this process without you.”  

5 star client review on Avvo: “I certainly recommend Lisa Ellis as an Immigration / Customs Attorney.  She assisted my daughter, who is a physician, obtain her U.S. permanent residency status.  She has answered my questions with regards to U.S. immigration / residency status on a few occasions, and on each time was very helpful and accurate in her assessments and recommendations.” 

5 star client review on Avvo:  “She is very polite and listen my case carefully.  And she gave me the right advice and I got 100% success.  I just follow her advise.  I recommend one of my friend also.”  

5 star client review on Avvo:  “Ms. Ellis is very knowledgeable, answered all my questions and was overall a very pleasant person to talk to. She really put my mind to ease. I’m happy to say that I did get my new F-1 and was admitted back into the US without much difficulty. I will absolutely recommend Ms Ellis to others.” 

5 star client review on Avvo:  “Great!!” “Very experienced, meticulous and organized, creating a very strong family-based petition.  Lisa & team was there to help us even as we’re preparing for the immigration interview, letting us know what to prepare, what to expect and what can be done if things don’t go as smooth. . . All of our questions were answered promptly and in-depth.  Lisa & team ca totally be trusted.” 

5 star client review on Avvo:  “Positive experience” “I met twice with Lisa Ellis regarding an immigration question that was a bit out of the ordinary.  Lisa gathered the facts and considered options looking at the big picture.  In addition, she consulted with several colleagues, and reported back with clear recommendations of actions, confirming her earlier opinion.  I received the information I had been searching for.  Lisa Ellis acted in a courteous, friendly and professional manner;  I felt comfortable in her office environment and in her presence.  I highly recommend her services. 

Ellis Law client:  I have a lot to be thankful for and today it’s you.  Thanks so much for your help through this process, Lisa.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Once my [spouse] arrives, we can finally start the life we’ve been dreaming about all these years.  

Ellis Law client:  “Thank you so much for your help and support. This is absolutely the best Christmas gift ever!” 

5 star client review on Avvo:  “From the outset, Lisa provided clarity of expectations and direction on my case.  The process of applying for transfer of status, from a B1 Visa to a Green Card, would have ben complicated without her professional assistance for both me and my wife.  I’d happily recommend Lisa to anyone embarking on an immigration case.  The USCIS also recognized her efficiency in providing a robust application in my case, which helped to reduce the need for an in-depth interview at the final stage of the process.  I’ve successfully been approved the Green card and permanent residency thanks to Lisa!”